Program Success stories Comments from clients, parents and educators



    For 33 years dyslexia controlled me. Now I control it.
Steve Durrant, entrepeneur

    With your help I increased both reading and spelling skills. Of equal or more importance, my feeling of self-worth has increased.
Ray Paradis, college student

    Ron Davis’ program gave me something that years of therapies and remedial work could only hint at, but never really affect: correction and control, at will, of my learning disabilities.
Betty Judah, M.S., educational therapist


    My son had been working with one therapist or another, each with a different idea, since he was three years old. I thought that if this program really worked, it was cheap compared to what I had already spent. The results were stupendous. My son gained 21 months in sight vocabulary, eight months in oral reading accuracy, and seven months in comprehension.
Mik Hamilton, D.C., chiropractor

    My daughter benefited enormously from the program, both academically and psychologically. I have also referred other parents and professionals who have reported back to me positive changes in their children and clients.
Richard Blasband, M.D.

    My son was completely mainstreamed from special education just 18 school days after completing your counseling services.
Carol Espinoza, intern counselor

    His tutor felt he increased his reading ability by two years in that short week.
Nancy Grace, mother

    I am very excited by the changes I have seen in my daughter. Even her speech is different. For the first time, she is able to read without anxiety and frustration. To see this transformation is wonderful. Thank you for giving her the dignity of knowing she can learn.
Terry Presnell, parent

We contacted the Davis Reading Center in San Francisco about their counseling program. They quoted that their success rate was 97% for the 30 hour session. We then contacted people who had gone through the program and all feedback was 100% positive. In 30 hours? I'll admit I was a bit skeptical. Jodi went through the course the 3rd week of August. I may never again see such an amazing event happen to a child as what I saw happen to Jodi that Monday morning. Several months later, Jodi is flying! She gained 2 years of reading, from 2nd to 4th grade. We truly believe that if she didn't have the Davis Program we would still be fighting with the school to find out what was wrong.
Dave and Marlane Timm


    Joshua is nine, a third grader who repeated kindergarten because “he could not fit in and did not know any of his letters or sounds.” He had information and understanding that really astounded me, but he could not read—not cat, not the—nothing. Since the counseling, he has gone from a readiness level, through the Pre-Primers and Primers, to a grade equivalent of 1.8. His rapid success is most spectacular.
Janet Sage, resource specialist

    The results described by the students were astonishing. They not only overcame the inability to read, but also were confident, intelligent happy young people.
Ruth Muller, Ph.D.
former president, Laurence University

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