The Owner and Founders
Ray Davis, Facilitator, has a multi-dimensional understanding of the Davis Program. As Ron Davis' son, Ray has watched the Davis program evolve since its inception and shares his father's passion for helping dyslexics, their families, and their educators. Being an adult dyslexic, he experienced firsthand the life-changing effects of the Davis Program in 1986. As a father of a dyslexic son, he understands the difficulties parents can face. With his background in avionics engineering, Ray especially enjoys providing the concept-based Davis Math Mastery® Program.
Program Founders and Consultants
Ron Davis and Dr. Ali co-founded the Reading Research Council in 1981 to research the underlying causes of learning disability. Here is a little history about how it came about.
Ron Davis, author of The Gift of Dyslexia and The Gift of Learning, grew up "retarded" (what would today be called autistic) until his early teens. Even though he failed miserably in the school system, he later took technical courses and became a successful engineer, businessman and artist. He was functionally illiterate until age 38 when he discovered how to mentally orient his perceptions. Since then, he has dedicated his life to helping people with the gift of dyslexia achieve literacy and self-esteem. [View an online video clip of Ron Davis explaining how his early discoveries led him to become a dyslexia researcher.]
Alice Davis, Director of Davis Dyslexia Association International, has a degree in Counseling Psychology and Business Administration. She has worked with her husband, Ron Davis, since 1985 in their commitment to increasing international awareness of the positive aspects of Dyslexia and to providing professional training in the Davis methods.